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MARY Hey SVB Fans! Please feel free to leave a shout-out or suggestion above. And....if you happen to see any inappropriate material, please email me to let me know so I can delete it. Thanks for your support and.....ROCK ON!!5/9/2019
Pam Song clips is not working and you're not on you tube...How will I know?9/24/2014
hogan Miss all the fun every one had hope all are well hogan210/19/2013
lil groupie hey just wanted to say that this band rocks and that i love to hear my dad sing by the way this is steves daughter9/19/2011
Aunt Sue & Grandma Merle A great show at Lake Anna Winery and you'll have a future band member and dancer before long. Keep up the excellent work and keep us posted on the shows coming up. Grandma said all of you were her boys and the next time she will bring food for all. Thanks again for great entertainment. 7/11/2011
Doc Terrific show last Saturday at Roma Restaurant -- and great dancing music4/25/2011
Jessie  You guys were awesome and i really enjoyed singing with yall and listen to yall songs. Hope to see yall again sometime soon4/9/2011
Jen- the Mistress Thanks for the shrimp at Naylor's Beach. Have a safe trip. 8/6/2010
LeAnna F. Hey just wanted to say that you guys rock and I love the band by the way kool t-shirts7/29/2010
cheeko IM STEVIES NEPHEW!!!7/25/2010
Chris  Fantastic show at Lake Anna Winery!!! We will try to catch future shows in the area!4/15/2010
Future Groupie We can't seem to get the Sound Clips to work - maybe it's user error. If not, can you post some since we are trying to decide if we should come to an event you are playing at. 4/8/2010
tina hey guys were awesome last night at romas...hope to see yall again soon!3/21/2010
M. Fleshman Swamp Rat, Ya'll did something getting Mom and Dad on the dance floor Feb. 13, 2010! Heard you were great and would love to hear you sometime! Luv ya and the rest of my cousins in the band!2/17/2010
Sandy Hey-you guys were Awesome Saturday night @ Belmont! Glad we came out to here you! 2/15/2010
 hey guys, thanks again for help,in out with the benifit concert for jay spara.we"all" raised over 1200 dollars & he is very thankful. as always had fun jamm'in with ya'll. thanx again, mike t.(aka)southern ambition band!12/29/2009
1 Hot OL LADY Was at Romas and was let down by Stevie with his shirt on and Todd without a speedo! Look Ill buy it if he cant afford it!!!!!!!!!!!!6/17/2009
mike t. hey guys, what's happin.' hope to see ya'll at cartersville on the 4th. peace out mike t.5/20/2009
 hey swamp, hope ya don't git eaten by a bear out there.';'' lol'' mike t.4/5/2009
 hi. guy,s. good to jam with ya the other nite. let me know when ya,ll are comming down to the crib.''' show at the co. seat sat nite. got to have res, thanx, mike t. 2/20/2009
mike t. hey, ya'll. just wanted you to know that we will be playing down at the county seat restaurant across from the powhatan county court house from 8-12 sat. the 17 th. thanx mike t. aka. (southern ambition band )1/15/2009
JJ the sound man Are we going to chip-in and buy Todd speedos for the next show? Does anyone have coupons or do you think they may have any at the Goodwill Store.1/13/2009
1 HOT OL LADY I want to see more of Stevie with no shirt and Todd with nothin but a speedo!!!! ROCK ONNNNNNN!!!!!!1/11/2009
mike t. hey svb. ya'll sounded cool last night at roma's. very nice, heard a little bit of everything. love to get together with ya sometime and jam. also,if you want to check out my band look up southern ambition band on myspace. good to see you again "swamp rat" your friend always, mike t.1/4/2009
Zen Daddy Hey, hey, hey....ya'll rocked the house last night at Roma's. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The Bad Co / Beatles medley rocked! If you folks aren't doing anything Feb. 20 come on up to Obrigados and party with us...we need to fill that place up! Rock On!!!1/4/2009
BUZZARD! mary , you go girl !!!! now i been round the bend once or so & i gotta say you found ya a truckload of good ole rednecks ................. god speed girl ..... buzzard ! 12/16/2008
Leslie Mary -- it was great to meet you today. I look forward to seeing the band one of these days when I'm back in Virginia. Take care and have a great day!11/25/2008
Nice site, thanks for information! Nice site, thanks for information!11/11/2008
Zen Daddy Just stopped by to check out the site and say hey. I think we will try to catch up with you folks at Roma's on Jan. 3 if that event is open to the public. We will be at Reactor 1 on December 6. If you all are free come on down and party with us. peace...ZD11/8/2008
LCVFD Locust Creek Volunteer Fire Department would like to extend their thanks to the band for playing at our fundraising dance on September 13th. You guys rock!!!! and everyone had a great time. Once again, thanks so much for your time and support. We are already looking forward to the next one!9/15/2008
Country Western Fan Looking foward to another evening at Locust Creek where our dancing feet get to do some 2-step and East Coast Swing in between listening. If you're looking for some new material that lends itself to dancing listen to some Steve Earle. You guys would enjoy playing Devil's Right Hand, Guitartown or Billy and Bonnie. 9/10/2008
Mary We had a great time playing at Bowler's Mill Lake yesterday evening for a real estate open house! The scenic background, the wonderful weather, good eats, and thrill rides on Todd's gator was a recipe for a really fun evening! Pictures will be posted soon!8/22/2008